Can Zuma Nutrition give me medical advice?

While the Zuma Nutrition staff are committed to supporting your health in every way we can, due to legal limitations we are not able to give medical advice. This includes any questions about specific health conditions, herb drug interactions, and very specific product interactions. We are also not able to give guarantees on products to have specific medical benefits. Any questions of this sort will get the same response due to liability reasons, “Please consult a licensed doctor or medical expert for this question.” 


Questions We Can Answer 

All answers are given with the disclaimer that you should consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.  

  • Can I take specific products at the same time? 
  • What time of day is ideal to take these products? 
  • Do you have a guide to go with these products? 
  • Do you have blogs about a specific product or herb? 


Questions We Can Not Answer 

Can I take this product if I am taking (x) medication? 

I have (x) condition which products do you recommend? 

Do you guarantee this product will help me with (x) condition?